Dog & People. The Foof Dog & People collection starts exactly from this relational care and develops a range of products attentive to both protagonists’ habits and needs.

The project. The materials, colours and shapes have specific techniques inspired by the product functionality. The collection basic colours are yellow and grey. All the products are designed, studied, developed and made in Italy.

The Dog Museum. Foof, born as a dog sanctuary, has created the first dog museum in Europe. Meanwhile, it continues its sanctuary and breeding activity. The centre of Foof world isn’t just the dog, but also the dog-owner relationship (adult and/or child).

Design. The collection first products were designed by Studio Irvine (Marialaura Rossiello and Maddalena Casadei), in collaboration with the Foof team trainers and tested on Foof dogs with a big care for shapes and materials.

The collection. This way, the owner learns to see with the dog’s eyes, and they show mutual respect. The products are designed for the drinking/eating, sleeping, walking and playing daily activities.

The collection leitmotiv are the 2 eyes. Dog’s eyes, people’s eyes. Useful eyes. Useful to clean toys, lift bowls… a sign game that recalls the logo as well.


Foof dog & people is a start up under the
artistic direction of Studio Irvine